Monday, November 30, 2009

Why buy a toy when you can make one at Beth's DIY!

Holiday news from Beth, of Beth's DIY workshop in Lauraville

Hi Neighbors-

On Saturday Dec 5, 12,and 19 any time between 10AM and 5PM drop in at Beth's DIY Workshop and for $10 make a small wooden toy.

I have the plans, wood, wheels and of course the tools. All you have to bring is your imagination.

Kids are welcome to be in the shop as long as they bring their adults. Children under 18 are not permitted to use the tools at this time. The exception is that with the guidance of their adult's hands they may use the scroll saw.

The shop is located at 4321 Harford Road on the lower level (under the Chop Shop)
I look forward to welcoming at the shop - Beth

Beth Dellow
Beth's DIY WORKSHOP 443-708-0786
Beth's Home Repairs, etc...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday News from the Red Canoe

Hi everyone!

Come home for the Holidays here in your own neighborhood. Stop in at Red Canoe and give us your holiday books wish list. We will take care of stocking the books, emailing your family and friends to let them know about it, and keeping track of who bought which title. What’s in it for you? Well, you get to give your friends and family the joy of shopping at a locally owned independent neighborhood business, we’ll update your list to keep track of your wishes all year long, and you’ll get a free cuppa coffee when you set it all up. Not bad. Cyber Monday is a big deal. Before you go on Amazon think about shooting an email to Red Canoe—you pay no shipping and you get (drum roll please) a free coffee –hot and fresh—

So stop in soon for some hot fresh coffee and neighbors. And lunch. And neighborhoodiness. All that stuff! And don’t forget to write your letter to Santa for delivery here next weekend…

Nicole and Peter
Red Canoe
4337 Harford Road
Baltimore MD 21214

EggNOGLI Holiday Party December 4, 2009 News

This year we're livening up our annual Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville celebration -- this year it's the EggNOGLI Holiday Party at the Hamilton Arts Collective (2929 Hamilton Ave, Hamilton Baltimore 21214) on Friday, December 4th, at 7 pm -- with a scavenger hunt/trivia contest rewarding winners with . . . well, you'll just have to stop by and see!

Bring your answers to the following questions to the party and we'll find our winner(s) around 7:45. We'll have several prizes available for winners and food, booze and fun for all.

More announcements on the party coming through the course of the week, but do your homework now; the good news is that you can only do it by getting out of the house!

eggNOGLI mark

1. What’s on top of the men’s room in the Hamilton Tavern?
a. A collection of hats
b. The key to the comfort station in Herring Run Park
c. A pelican
d. A motorcycle

2. Chop Shop fill-in-the-blank: ____________ the barber.
a. Hank
b. Huck
c. Barack
d. Bill

3. Once a year, adventurous Zeke’s customers can sample coffee processed through the digestive system of:
a. An aardvark
b. Four-year-old triplets
c. A pelican
d. An Indonesian civet cat

4. Thanks to Clementine, you know that you can make an attractive
light fixture out of:
a. An eggbeater
b. A shrimp deveiner
c. Half a dozen skewers and a garlic press
d. Two colanders

5. Parkside Restaurant features:
a. A play area for kids
b. Resurrection Ale on tap
c. Wednesday night sushi and trivia
d. All of the above

6. Miss Joanna’s famous Koco’s Crabcake is the size of:
a. A Granny Smith apple
b. A regulation Major League baseball
c. An infant’s head
d. More research is required – see you there Thursday night

7. What flower is featured in the stained glass on the Flower Cart?
a. Cactus flower
b. Phlox
c. Crocus
d. Hibiscus

8. At the Grind On, the WiFi password is:
a. A secret of the Illuminati
b. The name of the owner’s favorite flavor of ice cream
c. DR!NKM0R3C0ff33
d. Available to you with a minimum purchase

9. The large mural at Los Amigos depicts a bustling plaza in :
a. Tokyo
b. Madrid
c. Addis Ababa
d. Lima

10. The brightly-colored Big Bad Wolf restaurant and carry out specializes in:
a. Health food
b. Novelty cupcakes
c. Wine pairings
d. Meat, meat, meat and meat

11. The brochure/map in Red Canoe’s window can lead you to all the best wineries in which part of France:
a. Sancerre
b. Burgundy
c. Alsace
d. Nord Pas de Calais

The end.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Music Schedule at the Parkside

Parkside Live Music Schedule from Colleen

Always free, always fun!

11/24 Mike's Acoustic Showcase @ 8pm. Join some of our favorite
local musicians every Tuesday night!
11/26 CLOSED
11/27 The Bobwhites @ 9pm
11/28 Traditional Irish Music @ 8pm
12/01 Mike's Acoustic Showcase @ 8pm
12/02 Sushi & Trivia Night @ 9pm
12/03 Tom Chalkley & Friends @ 9pm. More of our favorite locals!
12/04 Gumshoe @ 9pm
12/06 Jazz Brunch @ 10am
12/08 Mike's Acoustic Showcase
12/09 Sushi & Trivia @ 9pm
12/10 California Bob @ 7:30pm. Live music and Trivia with Bob!
$1,000 prize to the perfect trivia score!
12/11 Open Mic Night with Bill Patrick @ 8pm
12/12 KC and Company & 9pm
12/15 Mike's Acoustic Showcase 8pm
12/16 Sushi & Trivia 9pm
12/19 Radio Caroline @ 8pm
12/22 Mike's Acoustic Showcast @ 8pm
12/23 Sushi & Trivia @ 9pm
12/25 CLOSED
12/26 Traditional Irish Music @ 8pm

As always, dates will be filling up, so there will be additional music during the month of December. You can always check our website, facebook page and the WTMD events calendar for upcoming events here at Parkside. Many of the bands live right here in the neighborhood so come out and support them! Have a great Holiday week.

Colleen & Chris
The Parkside - Fine Food and Spirits (and music)
4709 Harford Road

Monday, November 23, 2009

Driving School in Lauraville

Fast Track Driving School
4600 Harford Road, Rear
Baltimore, MD 21214

$250 paid in full; $300 as a payment plan; two week classes, morning & evening; call for details; provides driver improvement classes.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nutcracker presented by Hamilton's MCPA

Mid-Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts is presenting the NUTCRACKER.

Saturday December 5 at 6:00pm
Sunday December 6 at 2:00pm

The performances are located at the Chesapeake Arts Center' s HAMMONDS LANE THEATRE

$20 ($18 students and seniors)
For tickets call 443-438-4525
Or just stop by the studio located at 5543 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214

Rekindle the classic family tradition of this glittering holiday ballet that will entertain and delight audiences of all ages. From the moment the lights dim, you will be transported to a fairy-tale world filled with toy soldiers, mischievous mice, and magical snowflakes.

For more information about Mid-Atlantic Center for The Performing Arts visit

Mid-Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts (MCPA)
5543 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214
Phone: (443) 438-4525

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gift certificates at Beadalicious

A note from Sabirah at Beadalicious in Mayfield

hello friends/family....put some ease in your holiday shopping! beadalicious gift certificates are now available to purchase for your family and/or friends....the certificates make a great gift and at only $20 it's pocketbook friendly!!

enjoy your holiday..hope to see you soon....peace and blessings....

3500 Harford Road
Baltimore 21218

Holiday Display in Hamilton (Baltimore 21214)

Can you find this window on Harford Road in Hamilton? It is easy to spot - even in the dark. This is THE spot in Hamilton to buy your Christmas gifts!

Heart of Hamilton 5523 Harford Road

Upcylced Clothing Trunk Show (Lauraville 21214)

2nd To None

Holiday Trunk Show & Gift Sale

Sundays, December 6, 13, 20, 2009

1:30 - 5:00
Featuring HIGH-quality,one of a kind UP-CYCLED Clothing, Accessories, Books, & More !

You've seen these wonderful products at the Lauraville Fair. Very unique and one of a kind handbags, jewelry, and clothing for ladies and children. Also high end manufacture's samples of candles, books, home decor and stationary.

Everything is one of a kind - so the early bird doesn't get a worm here.
Don't miss the savings!

2nd to None
2916 Montebello Terrace
Baltimore,MD 21214
2nd Floor

410 426-2844
check or cash only please
we encourage the use of your reusable shopping bags !

Donovan Fund Film Night in Lauraville

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baltimore Sun loves the Red Canoe Bookstore Cafe

Richard Gorelick writes about Lauraville's Red Canoe in today's Baltimore Sun's Food and Dining section:

Self-confidence is as attractive in a restaurant as it is in a person. The best places to dine both expensively and frugally more often than not turn out to be the product of someone's clear vision.

You can tell you're in one of these places when you're relaxed and satisfied. Someone else has done the hard work. Servers feel this too -- good service hardly ever happens in an uncertain setting. And the only thing that really matters about ambience is that it's been thought about. Great food helps. Sometimes,a place like this will appeal directly to your desires -- that's when you fall in love.

While reviewing inexpensive dining in 2009, this happened to me at Red Canoe Bookstore in Lauraville (4337 Harford Road, 410-444-4440), Nicole and Peter Selhorst's combination bookstore, de facto community center, enchanted garden and lunchroom. Customers might come for the fresh, homemade and healthy food -- sumptuous chili, and the best muffins anywhere -- and leave feeling they've been nourished in other ways, too. The Selhorsts knew what they wanted Red Canoe to be, their neighbors supported them, and now it's real.

The full story is here.

Thanksgiving news from the Red Canoe

Hi everybody!
Thanksgiving week is coming right up--this is a reminder that next Wednesday 11/25 before Thanksgiving we will not have sing-along, not be serving lunch, and we will be closing at noon. We will also be closed on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day--but re-open on Friday 11/27.
We wish you and yours a warm and loving holiday!
I will not be able to respond to email until after Thanksgiving so PLEASE call us for any questions!
As always, good food and coffee, books and toys, and wonderful neighbors with the cutest kids in the world!

Red Canoe
4337 Harford Road
Baltimore MD 21214

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Business on Harford Road in Lauraville

Look for a new business to open at 4602 Harford Road, right across from The Grind-On Cafe. And, look for an updated view of the storefront. The business is Patrick & Salter Tax Solutions. Gerald Patrick & Herb Salter plan a grand opening in the near future. Keep your eye on this business to be open soon!

Patrick & Salter Tax Solutions
4602 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214

Regina Lansinger, Director
Hamilton Lauraville Main Street
5500 Harford Road - Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21214
410.319.7151 (fax)

Monday, November 16, 2009

NOGLI Holdiay Party at the HAC

Some news from NOGLI Mark!

Save the date!

Friday, December 4th at 7 pm brings the Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville, Inc.'s annual party to the Hamilton Arts Collective in NOGLI's northern pole, Hamilton Hills!

We'll have drinks, light food, fun, info on what we've done and what's to come and other assorted goodness. Admission is free, enjoyment is mandatory, drinks -- alas -- are gonna cost ya (but net proceeds will support NOGLI's ongoing work).

We encourage everyone to stop by the Collective's Happy Hour first and stick around in the neighborhood for dinner and perhaps further drinks.

Further details to come, but hold the date and prepare to party. We have much to celebrate and more still to accomplish. Stick around 'til midnight and you can help me wish my wife a Happy Birthday too!

-- eggNOGLI mark

NOGLI Holiday Party
December 4th at 7 pm
Hamilton Arts Collective
2929 Hamilton Avenue
Baltimore MD 21214

2nd to None Holiday Trunk Show and Gift Sale

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Bobwhites at the Parkside (Lauraville 21214)

New from Annette at the Parkside:

The Bobwhites will be playing at the Parkside on the day after Thanksgiving. We will all be Trippin out on Tryptophan so come out and get it all out of your system. You don't have to dance unless you want to but maybe someone can teach us how to do the Turkey Trot- or not! I hope you can crawl on over to The Parkside and take a gander at what they have to eat and drink and soothe your very soul. I'll be there and I won't be square.

The Bobwhites

Friday, November 27, 2009

9:00 p.m.

4709 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD


“Four at Four” presents a

Sunday, December 13th
at 4:00 p.m.

Hamilton Presbyterian Church
5532 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214
Free to the Public
Soprano Soloist Paula McCabe
Kathryn Master and Laurel Ewell, flutes
Terry, Ewell, bassoon
Daniel Sansone, piano

Chamber Music by Bach, Handel, Berlioz;
Songs include Gesu Bambino, O Holy Night,
Many Christmas Favorites and Carols

Reception Following the Concert – All Are Welcome!

Kathryn Master

Friday, November 13, 2009

2009 Holidays on Harford Welcomed Santa to Hamilton and Lauraville

Patiently waiting for Santa to visit the Heart of Hamilton....
shoppers bought presents for those on their lists...
to be finally greeted by....... Bob Curran!
Holidays on Harford

December 4-5


December 12-13

Friday, December 4 – First Friday!
5 – 7pm Holiday Happy Hour at the Chameleon Café (4341 Harford Road) and Holiday Tree Lighting outside with a sing-along by several local talents.

6 – 9 pm Hamilton Gallery (2927 Hamilton Avenue) featuring work by local artists.

7 pm EggNOGLI at the HAC, (5440 Harford Road, 2nd floor) – enter next to the Hamilton Gallery.

The Heart of Hamilton (5523 Harford Road) has 20% Holiday Shopping Discount

Look for specials in restaurants, pubs & retail shops, and strolling holiday carolers.

Saturday, December 5 – Holidays on Harford!

12 noon Santa arrives in a motorcycle side car, strolls on Main Street in Hamilton making his way to The Heart of Hamilton (5523 Harford Road) to pick up letters written to him and take advantage of the 20% shopping discount.

1:30 pm Santa then works his way to Lauraville and stops to visit residents at the Harford Gardens Care & Rehab Center at 4700 Harford Road

2 pm Join Santa at the Red Canoe Bookstore Café (4337 Harford Road) for some hot spiced cider, discount coupon and to collect more letters for Santa. While you’re there pick up your discount holiday shopping coupon for Studio C Jewelry, on the 2nd Floor of the Red Canoe.

2:30 pm Santa will end his day at The Parkside Fine Food & Spirits (4709 Harford Road) for Holiday Photos with Santa. Photos by Soft Touch Photography by Cynthia for a nominal fee.

7 pm Top off your off your day with the Donovan Fund classic Christmas musical Meet Me in St. Louis showing at the Little Theater in Lauraville (4321 Harford Road, 2nd floor). All seats must be reserved due to limited seating. Call Chris Muldowney to reserve at 410-366-1980 x271. After the film a discussion is facilitated by Film Professor and Filmmaker, Chris Reed. For information on Donovan Fund and Film series

Saturday, December 12 & Sunday, December 13–
Milk & Cookies with Santa!
10:30 – 2 pm Santa visits the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts (5543 Harford Road) Santa visits with the children, reads a story, crafts, sits with his guests for milk & cookies. Enjoy a special holiday dance performance by students at MCPA. Three seatings available - reservations recommended – call 443-438-4525 or
Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street – building a stronger community, one business at a time.

Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street
Eat, Drink & be Main Street!
check our website for full details:

Happy Hour at the Chameleon

News from Brenda of the Chameleon Cafe in Lauraville:

It’s Friday!!!
Happy Hour’s tonight @ The Chameleon featuring $2 off beer & glasses of wine from 5-7pm .
Relax, decompress, and enjoy good company!

The Rillettes Sarthoises would be a lovely addition to share as you coif...

Chef Jeff Smith (my handsome husband), loves researching and cooking dishes with authentic, old, classic preparations. Rillettes are one of the most traditional recipes in France. Different regions have different styles. The rillettes from Sarthe, are characterized by a rustic preparation with larger chunks of pork, a pale color, and a subtle taste due to long cooking times at a low temperature.

These rillettes began with a Heritage Berkshire pig from the pasture-based Ferguson Family Farm in northern Baltimore County. After breaking down the pig, Chef Smith salted and cooked it slowly for 12 hours. At this point, the meat was extremely tender. He blended it with fat to create a very tasty meat spread, rillettes.

Although I’d love to join you (I’m really due for an evening out), I’ll be with my two fabulous girls- Gertie & Fern.

Hope you can make it in!

All the best,
The Chameleon
4341 Harford Road
Baltimore 21214
T: 410.254.2376
Hours: Tues-Thurs 5-9 | Fri + Sat 5-10

Lauraville, Baltimore's Hidden Gem

Baltimore Sun Real Estate Wonk, Jamie Smith Hopkins, include's Lauraville as one of Baltimore's 'hidden gems.' Read more here...

From the site:
"Lauraville! Walk to where you can buy books, groceries, the best coffee beans, ice cream, espresso, creative dinners made from items bought at farmer's markets, a classy happy hour, a fantastic crab cake, and more from independent, community-based places. Meet your neighbors at fun block parties. Enjoy porches, yards, trees, parks, and even a nearby university." – EB

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best Pig-Out at The Parkside (Lauravillle 21214)

Elizabeth Large named the Parkside's Pigwich as the one of the best ways to pig-out in Baltimore!

Parkside Fine Food and Spirits
4709 Harford Road
Baltimore 21214

Get Cozy at the Red Canoe

Rainy day news from the Red Canoe:

Hi Everyone!

Dismal, rainy? Not here at Red Canoe! We have pre-school sing-along with Zoe Johnstone today at 10:30! Bring those babies and stay for a snack or lunch. Do a little pre-holiday browsing of the new toys and books now in stock, visit with friends and neighbors, enjoy a moment in the cozy comfort of your neighborhood bookstore café—and so what if it rains!

See you later here at Red Canoe—good books and coffee, good food and amazing neighbors.

Nicole and Peter

Red Canoe
4337 Harford Road
Baltimore MD 21214

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hamilton Tavern in Top-Ten List!

The Hamilton Tavern makes Baltimore Sun's restaurant critic Elizabeth Large list of Top 10 Fine-Dining Bars.

The Hamilton Tavern
5517 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD

Free Home Winterizing Workshop in Lauraville (21214)

News from NOGLI

Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville, Inc. (NOGLI) will be hosting a winterizing workshop in partnership with the Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge on Saturday, November 21st from 1 to 4 pm at NOGLI's office, 4711 Harford Road, above the Parkside.

This event will include a screening of the film "Killowatt Ours", a seminar on how to save
energy (and money) around the holidays, and an opportunity to meet your neighbors and exchange ideas about winterizing your home.

This is a FREE event, and refreshments will be provided.

If you are interested in attending this event, or learning more about the Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge in NOGLI, contact me at or Shaine Griffin at



Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville (NOGLI)
4711 Harford Road
Baltimore MD 21214

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mosaic Class, Santa's Workshop, and Keys made at Beth's DIY Workshop (Lauraville 21214)

Some news from Beth's DIY:

Dotti Drumm is offering a new Mosaic Class. This time you will make your own house number with mosaic style. The class is offered on two days. Sunday November 22 from 2PM to 4PM and then the final class is on Tuesday November 24 from 10 AM to noon.

The Community Santa's Workshop will be open once again on Saturdays from 10AM to 5PM starting on Saturday November 28. For $10 come into the workshop and make a wooden toy. I have plans, scraps of wood, and wood wheels. You can bring in your own plans or ideas and lets see what we can create. The kids are welcome to come with you although they won't be able to use the power tools (except the scroll saw) they can at least see how things are done.

That's all for now. Be well, my neighbors and Peace - Beth

Don't forget we make keys and copies and Send and receive faxes.

Beth Dellow
Beth's DIY WORKSHOP ***NEW NUMBER**** 443-708-0786
Beth's Home Repairs, etc...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Folk Music Trio Pearl and the Beard at the Parkside in Lauraville (21214)

Folk Music News from the Parkside in Lauraville:

Pearl and the Beard are playing a special show for us on Tuesday Music Showcase, November 10th. We're really happy to have them. Here's their link.

Some press about the trio:

“The Brooklyn trio… features silky, three-part vocal harmonies, equally alluring and arresting. Blending campfire folk with damaged marching band dirges, this group of NYC folksters has stumbled upon a new, happier breed of freak folk… Behind the group’s charming veneer are moving, honest stories wrapped in gut-churning cello, propelled by melodies that burrow themselves into your brain and call it home.”

-Beyond Race Magazine

Colleen Cashell

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Presents for the Holidays at the Red Canoe in Lauraville (21214)

News from the Red Canoe

Hi everybody!

Be the best Thanksgiving Auntie and Uncle and load up on toys and books to take with you when you go to see the family over the holidays. Smile over little wooden tool sets, wooden big rigs and race cars, crazy eights and old maid card games, puzzle block clocks and pattern blocks, magical menagerie animals, tot towers, board books, picture books, coffee by the pound (and muffins!)


Stop in and get your coffee to go—buy 9 and get the 10th free—hot fresh delicious, add a breakfast sandwich or croissant. As always at Red Canoe where the neighbors are fresh and the coffee is hot—oops, the coffee is fresh and the neighbors are…wait—you know what I mean!

Nicole and Peter

Red Canoe Bookstore Cafe
4337 Harford Road
Baltimore MD 21214

New for Fall at Studio C Jewelry & Gifts in Lauraville (21214)

Some news from Constance:

New this Fall: Jewelry handcrafted from vintage tin! Rich colors and designs on tin trays, tea containers and the like serve as the inspiration for necklaces and earrings! Customer response has been great!!

In addition to the Vintage Tin pieces, there is a new selection of jewelry crafted with gorgeous stones, gemstones, vintage glass, brass, silver and gold, all handcrafted, all one of a kind, in the deep colors of the season! Also in are beautifully handcrafted fabric totes made by local artist Sara McNamara, jewelry keepers and Pashmina scarves.
Stop by the shop, check out the new Vintage Tin Jewelry and save big on a wide selection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets!
Shop local!
--Constance Scott
Jewelry Designer/Proprietor

Store Hours: Thursday through Sunday 10-3 p.m., Saturdays 10-4 p.m.
Constance Scott
above The Red Canoe
4337 C Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214

Monday, November 2, 2009

Darius Scott Jazz Concert - Free!

Did you know that Lauraville has its own Grammy nominee? As a regular member of the Grammy nominated Michael Thomas Quintet (, Lauraville resident Darius Scott has gained a national reputation among jazz enthusiasts.

The Michael Thomas Quintet will be performing a free concert at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD, in their Take Five Series.

November 17, 2009
5:30 PM

University of Maryland
Suite 3800
College Park, Maryland 20742-1625.
(301) 405-ARTS (Information)

Admission is free, and children are encouraged to attend.

For more information on Darius, his website is

First Friday November 6th in Hamilton (21214)

First Friday opening at the Hamilton Gallery!
Friday, November 6th, 2009
6-9 pm
Guest Artist Najwa Al-amin

Hamilton Gallery
2927 Hamilton Avenue

Come see the bright & beautiful work of guest artist, Najwa Al-amin !

Al-Amin's medium is oil on paper, board and canvas. The work celebrates a boundless world of images and figures in soft as well as strong tones. "Wars and conflicts left no colors in the middle east desert's life", she says. "So I put them into my art, to turn sadness into happiness and replace anger with peace" Her paintings express the passion of an ancient culture, and her techniques are as diverse and elegant as the artist herself.


Enjoy a great evening on Harford Road. With the restaurants, pubs, shops & galleries to visit, there is something for everyone! Love art? It’s on display in many of the local businesses.

Stay tuned for upcoming events of HLMS:

Holidays on Harford

Invasion of the Jellies! From the National Aquarium to Harford Road!