Monday, June 15, 2009

Tuesday Market at the Connection!

Don't miss the Hamilton-Lauraville Tuesday Market at the Connection, between the hours of 4 and 8, tomorrow (Tuesday)! 4500—4504 Harford Rd, Baltimore, 21214

An update from Michael:


Two new sources right here at our Tuesday Market that day for Fresh Local Farms High Quality Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Pork---Try Them!

Ferguson Family Farm – located in Baltimore County, MD offering naturally raised Berkshire pork using sustainable agricultural practices, such as rotating pastures and not using growth hormones or antibiotics. Learn more at:

Tuckey’s Mountain Grown Berries, Fruits and Vegetables - from just 15 miles north west of historic Gettysburg, PA, offering a full line of berries, fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, jams and jellies and fresh fruit pies.

Further information: Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street at

Summer Children's Reading at the Red Canoe

As posted in the Baltimore Sun's B'more Green

During summer months off from school, many students don't pick up a book. Worse, many sit inside and watch TV or play video games. But a new program called Park Reads that begins this month has the kids both reading and going outside. The kids come from Belair-Edison and Lauraville will read outdoor-related books in Herring Run Park, a 375-acre expanse in northern Baltimore. They will also get in on some park activities related to the books. The program is sponsored by the Parks & People Foundation, Baltimore City Recreation & Parks and Red Canoe Bookstore Cafe in Lauraville. Nicole Selhorst, the bookstore-cafe owner, says the goal is to get kids reading, learing and thinking about caring for nature. They'll read books such as Hoot, an ecological mystery revolving around endangered miniature owls, Hatchet, about wilderness survival, and Bridge to Terabithia, about friendship in a shady forest. For more information about the program click here, contact Nicole Selhorst at Red Canoe at 410-444-4440 or go to

Red Canoe
4337 Harford Road
Baltimore MD 21214

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Menu update from Clementine. Looking good!

Menu news from Cristin and Winston:

'Howdy! We have some hour changes and some new items on our menu so I thought I'd drop you a line!

We are serving a House Cured Eye Round, Sweet Corn & Tomato Salad w/ Roaring '40's Blue Cheese Dressing and Red Leaf from Hamilton Crop Circle. The flavors are wonderful!

We also have a Twice Baked Potato w/ Braised & Pulled Duck with Manchego & Lemon Aioli. This is a meal in itself!

My personal favorite addition to the menu is the Sauteed Oysters, House Made Ham, Sweet Corn & Hamilton Crop Circle Greens w/ A Pikesville Rye Cream Sauce, Served Over Anise French Toast. It. Is. Wonderful.

For breakfast, we've introduced Migas, a Mexican-style Scramble with tortillas, eggs, Duroc bacon, vegetables, cilantro & House Made Salsa. We can do it without bacon also. It will definitely wake you up!

We also now have a Salmon Cream Cheese & Fresh Spinach and Egg Casserole with our home fries or cheese grits.
- Starting June 19, 2009 (next Friday night), we will be open until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays for your later-night dining pleasure.

Clementine will be closed June 18th (a Thursday) for a private party.
- Clementine will also be closed for the evening of July 4th.

We will serve breakfast & lunch until 3 pm.

Clementine | 5402 Harford Rd | Baltimore | MD | 21214

Red Canoe for Alfresco Dining? You becha!

Top 10 Places You Might Not Think of to Eat Outdoors

As seen in Baltimore Sun's blog - Dining Large by Elizabeth Large, the Red Canoe was voted one of the top 10 places to eat outside!

"Red Canoe in Lauraville/Hamilton. Forget that it's a children's book store and focus on the cafe and the porch and shady patio."

And another post by Ms. Large about the Red Canoe!

Red Canoe
4337 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214

Red Canoe in the Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun's Richard Gorelick says Lauraville's Red Canoe makes "makes the best sweet and savory muffins [he] thinks [he's] ever had."

HLMS concurs!

To read the rest of the review, please go here!

Congratulations, Peter and Nicole!
Red Canoe
4337 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Art and Happy Hour at the Parkside

Eli Halpin, current guest artist at the Hamilton Gallery, and resident artist of the Hamilton Arts Collective, is showing work at The Parkside Fine Food & Spirits.

Please stop by the Parkside located at 4709 Harford Road this Thursday, June 11th between 6-9pm.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tuesday Market in the Sun

Jacques Kelly has some high hopes for our Tuesday Market at the Connection. (Thank you, Matthew, for telling us about this article!)

Mr. Kelly writes:

My Loyola High School classmate, City Council member Robert Curran, invited me to Tuesday's opening of a new evening mini-market in Lauraville at Harford Road and Montebello Terrace. For a first-ever try, a vacant lot was full of happy people and a handful of vendors. No rhubarb here, however. This market is in its early stage. The neighborhood seemed excited, even joyous, about the event. Now, if the farmers show, there'll be turnips and strawberries on some Grindon Avenue dining room table. I have every confidence.


Thank you, Mr Kelly, for your vote of confidence!

A neighborly review on local dining!

Local review by Lauraville resident, Sean.
Thank you for your input, Sean.

In the past couple of weeks:

- Delicious Sylvan Beach ice cream at Grind On

- Huge and tasty breakfast burrito at Red Canoe - when did they start doing that?

- Dinner at the Parkside - it was packed! Tomato pagoda, house salad, tomato soup, falafel, washed down with a DAB lager (short for Dortmunder Actien Brauerei, by the way)

- 2 terrific breakfast specials at Clementine - the chana masala scramble was amazing; it'd be a great addition to the regular menu (hint hint...)

Oh, and of course, lemonade at the Connection on Tuesday!


Lauraville Business Association Block Party at the Connection on June 7

Lauraville Business Association sponsored their Block Party at the HLMS Connection on Sunday, June 7th. With great food, music, games and beautiful weather, a good time was had by all. How fortunate we are to have the feel of a "town square" at 4500 Harford Road. The community will enjoy many activities at the "Connection". The Block Party was a great example!

Lauraville Business Association Block Party at the Connection on June 7

Lauraville Business Association Block Party at the Connection on June 7

Nathan Sterner of NPR introducing The Bob Whites.

Lauraville Business Association Block Party at the Connection on June 7

Pete, from the Red Canoe Bookstore, serving up his very best!

Lauraville Business Association Block Party at the Connection on June 7

Children's games

Lauraville Business Association Block Party June 7 at the Connection

Mark, Executive Director of NOGLI

Laurville Business Association Block Party at the Connection June 7

Lauraville Business Association Block Party

Red Canoe Singers

Summer Jewelry Camp in Mayfield!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News from Clementine

Hello all Clementinos & Clementinas!

Winnie's food wheels have been turnin' so I thought I'd share the bounty!
I know when the weather is warmer, I eat a little less. An appetizer and a salad and I'm good to go! We have a wonderful house-smoked duck breast salad w/ fresh sweet corn and tomatoes and red leaf lettuce. The lettuce comes from Hamilton's own organic farm, Hamilton Crop Circle! Tuna Tartare is back by popular demand and Jeremy and Joe have been turning out wonderful soups, both hot & chilled.
For dinners, we have many new additions to the menu! Our Roasted Duck Breast is now being served w/ a Tamarind, Port & Honey reduction that is unbelievable!
Chile & Cervaza Brined Rabbit Tacos w/ Sauteed Poblanos; House-Made Merguez (Moroccan-Spiced Sausage w/ lamb & pork) w/ a Tomato & Mango Couscous and a Sumac Dusted & Roasted Corvina w/ Roasted Carrot Rum Butter over a Rice & Romaine Salad just represent a few of the offerings.

Check our website for the whole picture:

Thanks, as always, for your support!
Cristin, Winnie and the Clementine Crew

Great Beginnings at Tuesday Market Connections on Harford

Lauraville Business Association Block Party June 7

Lauraville Block Party
Saturday June 7
At the Connection
4500 Harford Road (across the street from Safeway)

Music, Games, Vendors and much more....!

sponsored by the Lauraville Business Association