Monday, November 16, 2009

NOGLI Holdiay Party at the HAC

Some news from NOGLI Mark!

Save the date!

Friday, December 4th at 7 pm brings the Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville, Inc.'s annual party to the Hamilton Arts Collective in NOGLI's northern pole, Hamilton Hills!

We'll have drinks, light food, fun, info on what we've done and what's to come and other assorted goodness. Admission is free, enjoyment is mandatory, drinks -- alas -- are gonna cost ya (but net proceeds will support NOGLI's ongoing work).

We encourage everyone to stop by the Collective's Happy Hour first and stick around in the neighborhood for dinner and perhaps further drinks.

Further details to come, but hold the date and prepare to party. We have much to celebrate and more still to accomplish. Stick around 'til midnight and you can help me wish my wife a Happy Birthday too!

-- eggNOGLI mark

NOGLI Holiday Party
December 4th at 7 pm
Hamilton Arts Collective
2929 Hamilton Avenue
Baltimore MD 21214

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