Sunday, November 29, 2009

EggNOGLI Holiday Party December 4, 2009 News

This year we're livening up our annual Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville celebration -- this year it's the EggNOGLI Holiday Party at the Hamilton Arts Collective (2929 Hamilton Ave, Hamilton Baltimore 21214) on Friday, December 4th, at 7 pm -- with a scavenger hunt/trivia contest rewarding winners with . . . well, you'll just have to stop by and see!

Bring your answers to the following questions to the party and we'll find our winner(s) around 7:45. We'll have several prizes available for winners and food, booze and fun for all.

More announcements on the party coming through the course of the week, but do your homework now; the good news is that you can only do it by getting out of the house!

eggNOGLI mark

1. What’s on top of the men’s room in the Hamilton Tavern?
a. A collection of hats
b. The key to the comfort station in Herring Run Park
c. A pelican
d. A motorcycle

2. Chop Shop fill-in-the-blank: ____________ the barber.
a. Hank
b. Huck
c. Barack
d. Bill

3. Once a year, adventurous Zeke’s customers can sample coffee processed through the digestive system of:
a. An aardvark
b. Four-year-old triplets
c. A pelican
d. An Indonesian civet cat

4. Thanks to Clementine, you know that you can make an attractive
light fixture out of:
a. An eggbeater
b. A shrimp deveiner
c. Half a dozen skewers and a garlic press
d. Two colanders

5. Parkside Restaurant features:
a. A play area for kids
b. Resurrection Ale on tap
c. Wednesday night sushi and trivia
d. All of the above

6. Miss Joanna’s famous Koco’s Crabcake is the size of:
a. A Granny Smith apple
b. A regulation Major League baseball
c. An infant’s head
d. More research is required – see you there Thursday night

7. What flower is featured in the stained glass on the Flower Cart?
a. Cactus flower
b. Phlox
c. Crocus
d. Hibiscus

8. At the Grind On, the WiFi password is:
a. A secret of the Illuminati
b. The name of the owner’s favorite flavor of ice cream
c. DR!NKM0R3C0ff33
d. Available to you with a minimum purchase

9. The large mural at Los Amigos depicts a bustling plaza in :
a. Tokyo
b. Madrid
c. Addis Ababa
d. Lima

10. The brightly-colored Big Bad Wolf restaurant and carry out specializes in:
a. Health food
b. Novelty cupcakes
c. Wine pairings
d. Meat, meat, meat and meat

11. The brochure/map in Red Canoe’s window can lead you to all the best wineries in which part of France:
a. Sancerre
b. Burgundy
c. Alsace
d. Nord Pas de Calais

The end.