Friday, November 6, 2009

Folk Music Trio Pearl and the Beard at the Parkside in Lauraville (21214)

Folk Music News from the Parkside in Lauraville:

Pearl and the Beard are playing a special show for us on Tuesday Music Showcase, November 10th. We're really happy to have them. Here's their link.

Some press about the trio:

“The Brooklyn trio… features silky, three-part vocal harmonies, equally alluring and arresting. Blending campfire folk with damaged marching band dirges, this group of NYC folksters has stumbled upon a new, happier breed of freak folk… Behind the group’s charming veneer are moving, honest stories wrapped in gut-churning cello, propelled by melodies that burrow themselves into your brain and call it home.”

-Beyond Race Magazine

Colleen Cashell
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