Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hamilton and Lauraville: Top Local Restaurant News Story of the Decade

The Baltimore Sun's restaurant critic, Elizabeth Large, has named Lauraville/Hamilton one of the top local restaurant news stories of the decade!

Ms. Large writes:
'9) The rise of the Lauraville/Hamilton neighborhood as a place to get very good food. It began with the Chameleon Cafe, which opened in the mid-90s but was something of an anomaly. It wasn't until this decade that we also got Hamilton Tavern, Clementine, Red Canoe, Parkside and Zeke's Coffee.'

The entire article is here.

Congratulations to all resturants that are mentioned in the article and to other eating establishments up and down Harford Road, such as the Lauraville House, Lost in the 50s, Los Amigos, Big Bad Wolf, Chef Mac's, Koco's Pub, Grind-on Cafe.