Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News from Clementine

Hello all Clementinos & Clementinas!

Winnie's food wheels have been turnin' so I thought I'd share the bounty!
I know when the weather is warmer, I eat a little less. An appetizer and a salad and I'm good to go! We have a wonderful house-smoked duck breast salad w/ fresh sweet corn and tomatoes and red leaf lettuce. The lettuce comes from Hamilton's own organic farm, Hamilton Crop Circle! Tuna Tartare is back by popular demand and Jeremy and Joe have been turning out wonderful soups, both hot & chilled.
For dinners, we have many new additions to the menu! Our Roasted Duck Breast is now being served w/ a Tamarind, Port & Honey reduction that is unbelievable!
Chile & Cervaza Brined Rabbit Tacos w/ Sauteed Poblanos; House-Made Merguez (Moroccan-Spiced Sausage w/ lamb & pork) w/ a Tomato & Mango Couscous and a Sumac Dusted & Roasted Corvina w/ Roasted Carrot Rum Butter over a Rice & Romaine Salad just represent a few of the offerings.

Check our website for the whole picture:

Thanks, as always, for your support!
Cristin, Winnie and the Clementine Crew