Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Radio Kitchen Highlights Charcuterie at Clementine (21214)

Did you hear this morning's Radio Kitchen on WYBR 88.1 fm?

If you did, you would have heard Hamilton's own Winston Blick, the chef and owner of Clementine, talking about his yummy Duroc Charcuterie.

One of the true joys of life is discovering that someone has opened up a new restaurant in your neighborhood. Up in northeast Baltimore, in Al's part of town a new sport [sic] called Clementine's [sic]has been packing them in for several months now. One of the secrets to Clementine's success is the delicious cured and smoked meats they serve. The French call it Charcouterie, Winston gave it the brand name Duroc, but we just call it delicious.
Husband and wife Cristin Dadant and Winston Blick own Clementine's. Winston is the chef and meat man while Cristin runs the front of the house. Charcouterie, as practiced by a chef-owner, is something of a lost art. But once Winston perfected his technique and realized how creative he could be, pates, rillettes, sausage and cured meat began showing up all over his recipes. A great way to sample his wares is to order the Charcouterie Plate as an appetizer and dig in. Word has it that in the near future you will be able to purchase Duroc products over the counter, right at the restaurant.

Clementine is located at 5402 Harford Road in the heart of Hamilton. The phone number is (410) 444-1497. Visit the website at www.bmoreclementine.com.

5402 Harford Road
Hamilton, Baltimore