Monday, October 12, 2009

News from Bedalicious (Mayfied 21218)

News from Main Street neighbor on Harford Road, Sabirah, the owner of Beadalicious:


I’m excited to bring you this great opportunity to possibly win $1,000 before December 25, 2009! Purchase a $3 bag of beads and you could be winner! I’m placing the winning bead in one of the bags and if you produce the winning bead say, “I GOT THAT BEAD” and
Collect your CASH!


Proceeds from your purchase will benefit BeadCause I Care

I created BeadCause I Care because of my efforts to teach jewelry to people who deserve another chance at life. This organization allows me to continue teaching these individuals at no cost.

BeadCause I care is a non profit organization opening doors of community and hope by teaching the art of jewelry making to the homeless, vulnerable teens, ex-drug offenders and ex-prisoners. While nurturing their capacity to think skillfully, critically and creatively, we also strive to deepen their commitment to prosocial values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal responsibilities and respect for others – qualities we believe are essential to leading humane and productive lives.

Please think of these individuals when you purchase your bags of beads. I look forward to participation and I thank you in advance.

For additional information contact:
Sabirah, Owner
3500 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21218
(443) 527-7006