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January 11, 2015

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Zeke’s Coffee School

Man, do we know a whole lot about coffee. Until now that information floated around our heads in a scattered unorganized fashion. Starting this winter, it’s all getting put in other folk’s heads. 
Learn coffee. Taste coffee. Be coffee.

100 Brewing Coffee the Zeke’s Way - $25 this course comes with a free brewer

Can't get your coffee taste right at home?  Do you want to experiment with new techniques but don't know where to start?  How important is fresh ground coffee?  These questions and more will be answered in Coffee 100:  Brewing Coffee the Zeke's Way.  This course provides everything the novice coffee aficionado needs to make the perfect cup of coffee every time. Remember, there's the right way, the wrong way, and the Zeke's Coffee way.

Each student will get a free coffee brewer after attending this class.

101 Introduction to Coffee - $20

What's in your cup? Find out in Coffee 101. From its humble origins in
the Ethiopian highlands to your cup, coffee has come a long way. Learn
where it grows, how it is processed, and what happens when it is
roasted. This course also includes a tasting of four very different
coffee samples.

102 Tasting: Regions and Varietals - $20

Coffee, like wine, has a flavor that is inextricably linked to the
land where it is grown.  By tasting four different coffees, you will
learn to distinguish the basic flavors associated with each of the
major growing regions. Be prepared to taste coffee and talk about what
it does to your mouth.

103 Tasting: Blends and Roast Temperatures - $20

Ever wonder what the difference between a French Roast and a Full City
Roast? What sort of strange magic happens in the roast chamber? This
course will cover the science and the flavor of coffee roasting. We
will taste a single coffee at five different temperatures.

201 Odd Strange and Strange Cultivars - $20

Most of the coffee grown in the world is descended from three plants.
This course traces the story of how those three shrubs grew to be the
vast majority of all coffee cultivated in the world. We will also
discuss the recent interest in heirloom coffee strains. We will sample
four diverse cultivars with unique flavors and histories.

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