Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Indie 900' Downhill Derby

Downhill Derby
....another great race down Harford Road

Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street
thanks everyone involved in making this a great event!

Thank you to our sponsors!

 Thank you to H-L Sprouts
for organizing the Halloween Parade!

Thank you to Jen & Pam for lending your promotional and organizational skills!
Thank you to Jamie Costello for being our Emcee for the day!
Thank you to Rich, (Hamilton Vacuum) & Thomas (Zeke's Coffee)
for all the behind-the-scenes work!
A view from the top of the hill before the race gate is released.
Thank you Team Lansinger for organizing the top of the hill activities!
Officer Angelini is ready to check the speed of each racer.
Officer Angelini, BCPD, with two Downhill racers.
Baltimore Dept of Recreation & Parks brings soapbox-style cars to add to the
Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street fleet.
Jamie Costello interviews an excited race car driver.
THANK YOU to Bob Wall from Dept of Recreation & Parks
for partnering with Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street!
Rec & Parks brings city derby cars to add to the Main Street fleet.

Thanks, Winston & Rich for hauling the race cars & drivers back to the top of the hill.

The Indie 900' Downhill Derby
included the Rolling Art Cars!
Thanks, Jess, for your dedication to arts & the neighborhood!
Highlandtown joined the Rolling Art race down Harford Road
Officer Angelini gave the turtle a little extra push through the finish line.
Big THANKS to Bill O'Connor & Sue Holmes for creating and outfitting the
Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street

Jen presents the awards to some of the Derby Winners.
A prize to Highlandtown for the great car,
costume & good sportsmanship!

Missing from this list of great volunteers are all the people who helped to set up & clean up the race course!
And thank you to Kristin & Peter for keeping the score at the finish line.