Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street
is a non-profit commercial revitalization organization working to support & promote
local business.  Through the help of neighborhood volunteers, events are planned to 
bring the community to the Main Street - Harford Road.

Through many promotional activities, new businesses have opened, bringing with them many talents that benefit the local community.
Once hungry for fine dining experiences, coffee shops and shopping opportunities that meet the wants & needs of the community that support the business district, sustainable businesses have been returning to this beautiful community of unique homes surrounded by large growth trees, gardens, public parks, great schools, and above all else, friendly people.

Whether or not you are completely familiar with this community in Northeast Baltimore,
take a moment to scroll through this blog to read about opportunities for entertainment & enrichment in the neighborhoods of Hamilton & Lauraville.

Performance theaters, galleries, murals, large sculptures, music and a world famous dance school enrich residents of this community.  Many residents have opened some of the best businesses in the City of Baltimore.  Restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, a bakery, a fresh market, small retail shops and so much more - have all been opened by local residents to the delight of other local residents.

New residents arrive each month, attracted by the many styles of homes available throughout this community.  Some of the top schools are located here, offering something for just about everyone - public, charter and parochial.  Without leaving the neighborhood, a child can attend a school from pre-kindergarten through high school, planting deep roots in the community while cultivating friendships within their own neighborhood.  Becoming community lessens the need to transport children across town in the rush of traffic to educate children or maintain planned activities.

If you live in the neighborhood, support your local businesses as often as you are able.  If you are looking for a great place to live, shop, work, educate and grow, explore the neighborhoods of Hamilton & Lauraville.  Visit the coffee shops & pubs, the retails and galleries.  Feel the friendly vibe.

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