Friday, March 15, 2013

Cool Stuff at Clementine

Well, we here at Clementine don't typically wait for spring to do neat stuff, but since it happens to feel like spring (half of the time, at least), we will just have to go along with it!

There is just a lot of fun thing to do around here right now.  Tonight (and every Thursday), we will do our featured $10 three wine flight along with weekly wine-by-the-bottle specials (starting at only $11 a bottle!!!)

Next Wednesday, for our beer night, we will be featuring a brewery new to Maryland Perennial.
The featured brew is called "Hommel" and is a delicious dry-hopped Belgian pale ale.  You aren't going to want to miss will only be new once!


Don't forget that every week we offer great nightly features: 
Tuesday:  $13 Taco Platters (as well as a full menu)
Wednesday & Thursday:  Abundant $15 menu items make dinner on a weeknight a bargain!
Friday & Saturday:  Our great weekly $7 craft cocktail makes drinking nice...well, NICE! 


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