Monday, August 20, 2012

Hamilton Library needs your help!

We invite you to join us in the effort of restoring the Hamilton Library 
Education Garden located on the northwest side of the library. We are 
accepting donations of time and material. Currently we need:
-Clumps of perennials esp: Echinacea, Black Eyed Susan, Hydrangeas.
-Seasonal Flowers
-Paint, paint brushes, rollers, plastic tarps, and painters tape.

We so appreciate your generosity. The Hamilton Library Education Garden 
Community offerings may be dropped off during library hours. Mon- 12-8, 
Tues 10-5:30, Wed 10-5:30, Thurs 12-8, Sat 10-5. For specific details 
contact Ms. Al-Mateen at 410-396-6088.