Monday, August 20, 2012

Find out about owning a home in Arcadia, Hamilton, Lauraville, Mayfield, or Waltherson

Live Baltimore is taking our office on the road again and popping up in three homes for sale in three different neighborhoods this August! Neighborhood Pop Ups are a casual way for homebuyers to connect with neighborhood associations, people who already live there, and local real estate professionals. They are also an informative FIRST STEP toward using the Buying Into Baltimore $4,000 Incentive this fall. We're spotlighting 15 neighborhoods at three Pop Ups. So, if you think you're interested in living in one of the Pop Up areas, they are a great way to get a local perspective before you buy. RSVP today!
August 22 Pop Up Arcadia, Hamilton, Lauraville, Mayfield, and Waltherson
LOCATION: 2825 Montebello Terrace, 21214 map   listing details
12 - 5pm
Stop by anytime to take a self-guided walking tour of the immediate neighborhood and talk to Live Baltimore staff.
5pm - 7pm
Your chance to talk with neighborhood residents, real estate agents, lenders, and other city lovers. Don't miss the "5 Neighborhoods, 5 Minutes" mini-presentations to hear each neighborhood tell you why it's a great place to live! There will also be guided walking tours.
Free Counseling Attend a Neighborhood Pop Up and get a FREE seat in one of our Homeownership Counseling Sessions on Aug 29 or 30!

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