Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Friday Blues Begone. Come celebrate Small Business Saturday on Harford Road - November 26

Visit your favorite neighborhood shops on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, November 26th! Browse around for great unique gifts right in your own backyard! Although our list is comprehensive, please check with your fav Harford Road business for more information.
On the schedule is:
  • Red Canoe Bookstore Cafe, 4337 Harford Road, presents the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY ARTISANS MARKET on November 26th - a great opportunity to find that one-of-a-kind gift!
And, while you're in the neighborhood, be sure to check out all the indie shopping opportunities in Lauraville! Gift certificates? Jewelry? Clothing? Handbags? Candles? Books? Artwork?  Small batch coffee by the pound? Massage? Yoga? Skin Care? Great Hair? You can find it all HERE! Park you car, ride your bike or walk .... everything is conveniently located!
  • Studio C, 4337-B Harford Road - beautiful jewelry, clothing, handbags, candles, gift certificates & so much more!
  • Koco's Pub, 4301 Harford Road - lunch, dinner, gift certificates - why not ship a crab-cake to that special friend?
  • Tooloulou's, 4311 Harford Road - lunch, dinner, coming soon!
  • Psychic Gallery, 4313 Harford Road - crystals, oils, small gifts.
  • Beth's DIY, 4315 Harford Road - give the gift of a workshop class! Stop in & see what DIY has to offer.
  • Chop Shop, Blue Spark Barber, 4321 Harford Road - get your style on for the holidays & pick up a gift certificate for a friend!
  • Chelle's Creative Image, 4323 Harford Road - gift certificate
  • Coming soon! 4323 Harford Road - Clothing! Accessories! Watch for the 'Open' sign soon!
  • Lady's Touch Hair Salon, 4327 Harford Road - gift certificate
  • The Chameleon, 4341 Harford Road - dinner, gift certificate
  • Charmed Life Studio, 4505 Harford Road - artwork, gift certificate & more!
  • Zeke's Coffee, 4607 Harford Road - small batch coffee by the pound, loose tea, local products, gift certificate!
And, more great gift ideas - join a class, give a gift to a friend! Visit more shops in Lauraville!
  • Welcome Om Hatha Yoga, 4711 Harford Road, 2nd floor
  • Aaduri Arts, 4705 Harford Road
  • TruAx Custom Frames, 4711 1/2B Harford Road - opening soon!
  • Will's Hairstyling, 5121 Harford Road - gift certificates
  • Soft Touch Photography, 5123 Harford Road - beautiful family portraits, gift certificates - right in your neighborhood!
The shopping & gift opportunities continue in Hamilton!
  • Lakein's Jewelry, 5400 Harford Road - jewelry & gift certificates
  • Clementine, 5402 Harford Road - breakfast, lunch & dinner or give a gift certificate to a friend!
  • Hamilton Bakery, 5414 Harford Road - bread, desserts, coffee made fresh daily, special orders, gift certificates!
  • Hamilton Vacuum, 5421 Harford Road - clean up for the holidays, or give the gift of clean to someone on your list!
  • Crystal's Bridal, 5424 Harford Road - Not just for brides - clothing for special occasions, too!
  • Hamilton Gallery, 5502 Harford Road - framed & un-framed artwork, cards, jewelry, hand-knitted clothing & more!
  • Los Amigos, 5506 Harford Road - lunch & dinner - gift certificates!
  • Lost in the 50s - 5510 Harford Road - breakfast & lunch - gift certificates?
  • Hamilton Tavern, 5517 Harford Road - gift certificates!
  • Studio 55, 5529 Harford Road - art lessons, beautifully framed artwork, a great long-lasting gift!
  • Mid-Atlantic Center for Performing Arts, 5543 Harford Road - give the gift of dance to a youngster in your life!
  • Big Bad Wolf, 5713 Harford Road - lunch & dinner
  • The Diva Shop - 2916 Hamilton Avenue - jewelry, handbags, watches, shoes, clothing, fragrance, men's accessories & more!
All this & more - all here in Lauraville and Hamilton . Don't forget that certificates for groceries, health & beauty supplies.
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