Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Award Alert! Chameleon Cafe - Winners of the National Good Food Award in Charcuterie

News from Brenda:

Chef Jeff Smith goes to San Francisco to accept the award on behalf of Tina & The Chameleon Cafe!

We were thrilled to find out we were winners for the National Good Food Awards! This was a contest for Tasty, Authentic, Responsibly Produced food products.

Tina Perry, our fabulous sous chef and maker of our scrumptious pate (and other charcuterie, appetizers, desserts, and salads) was the one who took the initiative to enter this contest! We wished both of them could of gone to San Francisco, but with a restaurant as small as ours that was not possible- Tina wanted Jeff to go as he is the driving force behind our Farm-to-Table approach.

Hope you can make it in soon!

All the best,
The Chameleon

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