Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Indie 900 ' - Soap Box Derby on Harford Road in Hamilton - Drivers Needed

In preparation of next year's Baltimore Grand Prix, Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street (HLMS) is sponsoring the first "Indie 900' Downhill Derby" on October 24th. Driver check-in is at 9:00am. Race begins at 10:00. The starting line is White Avenue, the finish is 900' down the hill before Hamilton Avenue. Cars have been purchased by: Zeke's Coffee, Clementine, Murph's Garage, Hamilton Vacuum, Hamilton Federal, Hamilton Tire (Goodyear), Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street, Tattoo Museum, Helping Boys Understand (Hamilton Elementary-Middle School). In addition, HLMS will arrange to have 6-10 extra soap box cars on hand for kids to race.

There are two age groups: 8-12 driving the stock cars and 13-17 driving the super stock cars. Most of the cars are ready to go. Drivers are still needed. If you or anyone you know is interested in participating in the race and if you are in the age range of 8-17, please contact HLMS to register as a driver. The HLMS stock car has two registered drivers so far (ages 8-12), and can accommodate two more. Hamilton Vacuum's super stock car has room for two more drivers. The 6-10 extra cars are available for drivers. The registration cost is $20. If more than one driver from a family wants to race, the price is $10 for the 2nd driver.

Drivers will be provided with a tee-shirt to keep and a helmet to use for the race. Please check our website for race information & registration forms. Forms & information will also be available at the Tuesday Market in Lauraville. RACE TRIALS will take place this Tuesday evening at the Tuesday Market in Lauraville. Montebello Terrace, next to Safeway, is closed between 3-8:30. As the market is cleaning up, we will have two cars available for test drives down the closed street. This is a great time to test drive an Indie 900 racer.

Raffle tickets are available for $5. The prize is a soap box derby car (kit) valued over $700. The prize will be drawn on race day, 10/24.
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