Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good News from Beth's DIY in Lauraville (21214)

News from Beth's DIY in Lauraville (21214)

Hi Neighbors -

One might say that I'm jumping the gun here, but it looks like Beth's DIY Workshop is moving.... three doors down the street. I am in the process of purchasing the old Ham-o-Lea Pleasure Club building (4315 Harford Road). It is my hope that I will be able to move the shop in the next couple of months. I may start having my classes there as soon as October. It all depends on when closing happens and I get my use and occupancy permit.

So what does this mean for the community?

It is my hope that with the added space that I can offer a convenience hardware store, provide a community meeting space, form a non-profit tool library/bank, set up a community work exchange board, and hold more comprehensive classes. I will continue to make keys, repair screens, cut glass (I will now stock glass),repair lamps and assist you in your home improvement projects in any way that I can.

I need something from you. First, I need your ideas of what you would like in terms of a hardware store. I will never be a True Value or an Ace, but I do want to get a sense from you of what you want. Second, what do you think about a tool bank? Come on by the shop and give JoAnn or I your ideas or go to
www.bethsdiyworkshop.com and send me an email. I am at the shop on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 PM during the market and on Friday and Saturday.

New classes will begin September 22. See you at the Lauraville Fair on September 25. I also plan to have a few events at the shop, not the least of which, is an open house before the renovations start so that everyone in the neighborhood can finally see what the mysterious Pleasure Club was like inside.

Thank you, all for supporting Beth's DIY Workshop. I love working with and serving in this community.

See you 'round the hood - Beth

PS The Shop will be closed Friday Sept 17 and Saturday Sept 18 in memory of my sister, Tracy, who took her life in 2005 on that weekend. Thank you again.

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