Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jellies come to Harford Road in Hamilton and Lauraville

The businesses of Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street and The Hamilton Gallery host the National Aquarium with artwork inspired by the National Aquarium's

Please join us at 2927 Hamilton Avenue to greet members of the National Aquarium from 6-9pm on Friday, 1/8/10.

Artwork can also be seen at The Chameleon Cafe, The Red Canoe, The Parkside Fine Food & Spirits, Clementine, Hamilton Vacuum, and The Hair Shop, as well as some storefronts along Harford Road. Door prize & holiday raffle drawing will take place at 8:30! Tickets are still available at the Red Canoe, 4337 Harford Road & Hamilton Vacuum at 5421 Harford Road!

Check our website for more details: