Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesday Market in Lauraville going strong!

The TUESDAY MARKET is still going strong! You can still grab your dinner & eat it, too! Fresh fall fruits & vegetables are still available. A new vendor joined in this week...seafood! And, we still have our craft vendors selling great jewelry, warm hats & scarves, handbags, totes and a lot more! Hot cocoa & coffee will keep you warm while you wait for your dinner to be prepared - Chef Mac is still a crowd-pleaser. Or choose Indian food, Kimchee, warm soups, pies, cakes & cookies. Visit the Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street Facebook page for the newest Tuesday Market album. Support your local Market! We will still be having fun till the very end of October!

Regina Lansinger, Director
Hamilton Lauraville Main Street
5500 Harford Road - Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21214
410.319.7151 (fax)