Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday Market Vendor highlighted in the City Paper

Nikki from Mallow Munchies is featured in the City Paper, her first local press coverage. Nikki's Munchies have been a favorite at the Hamilton-Lauraville Tuesday Market, coming to a season end next Tuesday, October 27th. Packed with healthy ingredients, Mallow Munchies are a treat you can eat without tremendous guilt. If you didn't get to try them at the Tuesday Market, Nikki's Munchies can be found at Zeke's Coffee and Grind-On Cafe.

The City Paper's Erin Sullivan writes:

We've been seeing these big, blocky crispy-rice marshmallow things popping up all over the place lately--coffeehouses, farmer's markets, even at Graul's in Lutherville. And the only thing that has kept us from picking one up sooner is the sheer size--smaller than a breadbox sure, but about as large as a small loaf of zucchini bread. Now, we love us some Rice Crispy treats when they're homemade, but those brand-name ones in the shiny foil packets have that super-preserved chemically flavor that makes them kinda, well, suck. So we have been eager to try to Mallow Munchies, baked right here in Baltimore and made without any artificial flavors, chemicals, colors, or preservatives. Even the marshmallows are made from scratch. We picked one up recently at Grind On Café--we selected the Belgian chocolate dipped version, by the way ($5). It was certainly a far better choice than the brand-name option, but just like with any all-natural version of a chemically enriched original, we missed some of the bad-for-you-ness--we wanted more butter, more salt, maybe a bit more of that gooey, stickiness that we associate with melting marshmallows. But that's not to say we don't appreciate and enjoy the more grownup Mallow Munchie--we do. And we did. As in, ate almost the whole thing in one sitting. Yikes.

Mallow Munchies
Chewy. Gooey. Crunchy. Munchie.