Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Menu at the Chameleon

Menu news from Brenda of the Chameleon Cafe:

Happy Halloween!

So, not too long ago, while driving in Pennsylvania , I saw a sign for an “OX ROAST”. For some reason, I really wanted to go just so I could say, “Can you pass the Ox please?”
I was thinking in this story lies a Halloween opportunity for you.

Jeff (our fabulous chef) recently bought a whole Berkshire Pig from Ferguson Family Farms. Andrew, Bella and he along with the help of our 5-year old daughter Gertie broke it down. It made an appearance on the Choucroute Garni, in the Rillettes Sarthoises, and in a fabulous Head Cheese ($7) which we will be have as a special on Saturday, All Hallows Eve.

When your friends ask, “What did you do for Halloween?” You could be able to say, “I ate tongue and brains, cheeks and more. It was fabulous!”

I hope the evening finds you among friends and good company!

All the best,
& the staff @ The Chameleon
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