Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clementine in the Baltimore Magazine Breakfast Issue

Hamilton's own Clementine is in the October issue of the Baltimore Magazine which highlights Breakfast spots in and around Baltimore.

From the online edition:
Clementine, 5402 Harford Rd., 410-444-1497. We've never seen a more child-friendly place—with an entire corner dedicated to kid stuff (easel, books, dinosaurs, crayons)—so parents might actually eat. And devour we must. Breakfast—served until 2 p.m. on weekends—is not fussy. Most offerings have ingredients that can be counted on one hand (eggs, onions, potatoes, cheese) and are served best with a steaming cup of Zeke's coffee. The homemade hot sauce—just ask the waitresses—adds just the right kick to the casseroles, scrambles, egg sandwiches, and cheese grits ($3.50). (We've even considered adding it to the French toast—we love it so.) This Hamilton restaurant is also part charcuterie, and the house-made smoked duck sausage ($3.50 for two) leaves you counting the days until the next weekend. The restaurant itself is quaint and hip with lots of great art on the walls and a relaxed vibe.