Thursday, July 9, 2009

Press Release: This Old House in Lauraville

Following is a press release from NOGLI regarding This Old House Party celebrating Lauraville selection as a great place to buy home!
(Lauraville, Baltimore, Maryland)
Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville, Inc.
4709 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214
Day: (410) 444-9188
Cell: (443) 756-2930

Mayor Sheila Dixon, Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and many others will join residents of Lauraville on Thursday, July 16th at 3 pm to celebrate This Old House’s honoring of Lauraville as The Best Place in Maryland to Buy an Old House.

THIS OLD HOUSE PARTY begins on the front porch of Robert and Mary Thuman’s beautiful Lauraville residence at 2905 Rueckert Avenue, restored with loan support from Baltimore’s Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc. program with an award presentation; comments from elected
officials, HNI, and others; and more than a dash of Lauraville funkiness. The party continues immediately afterwards in the wonderful just-opened-this-week bar and restaurant expansion space of Clementine, nearby at 5402 Harford Road.

“This honor is a confirmation of what we’ve known for years,” said Kenneth Lockie, President of the Lauraville Improvement Association. “This is a pat on the back for all the organizations and individuals who have worked so tirelessly to make Lauraville what it is today.”

“We’ve got what are simply the best affordable single-family homes in all of Baltimore,” said Mark Tough, Executive Director of the Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville, Inc. “We’re green, we’re funky, we’re family friendly. We’ve got awesome local businesses like Chameleon CafĂ©, Clementine, Zeke’s Coffee, the Red Canoe Bookstore—and that’s just the beginning. This celebration’s going to be pretty cool.

Did I mention the pulled pork, slaw and corn at Clementine? Mmmmmmm.”

THIS OLD HOUSE PARTY is being hosted by the Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville, Inc. and the Lauraville Improvement Association thanks to the generous co-sponsorship of PNC Bank.