Monday, April 6, 2009

'The Connection' Clean Up

Message from HLMS Director:

Thank you to all who attended our meeting on Monday, March 30th, to discuss the possible uses of the empty lot at 4500 Harford Road. Thank you to Pastor Howard Nash for hosting our meeting at Faith Community Church!
And, more thanks to those who joined in to help clean up the lot! You are appreciated!
Tina, Adam, Darius, Kevin, Levi, John, Rich, Mabel, Emma, Liam, Aidan, Michael, Nikee, Trinidad, Bonnie, Jeff, Paul, Karen, Mike, Tom, Dian, Joh, Ken, John, Kenneth, AJ, Anna, Eva, Hannah, Gabriel, Tess, Paula, Vicky, Sue, Bill, Gwen, Amy, Ron, Kevin, Cheryl, Charlene, Arthur, Wendy and Jenny. Hopefully, I have not omitted anyone! Please correct me if I have missed anyone. Thank you to everyone who brought tools & heavy equipment for the community to use. Thank you for the Zeke's coffee, donuts, pizza and water provided by our generous volunteers!
With this kind of volunteer help, we should be able to really enjoy this space throughout the term of our lease!
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