Friday, January 16, 2009

The Parkside's Inauguration Day Dinner Menu

The Parkside's Inauguration Day Dinner Menu
Tuesday January 20, 2009
Dinner Hours 2PM - 9PM
Each plate is $10.
-= A Little Taste of Barack Obama’s Geographic History =-

• Kansas - Coffee-rubbed BBQ Beef Ribs with sweet BBQ sauce. Served with apple fritters.
• Kenya - Garlic-rubbed Goat Skewers. Served with a potato & pea cake.
• Hawaii - Braised Pineapple Pork in banana leaf with sticky rice, banana cake & macadamia nuts.
• Indonesia - Vegetarian Green curried fried rice.
• Chicago - 2 loaded foot-long all-beef dogs with those crazy Chicago toppings.

-= Biden Sez “Eat Rapa Scrapple” =-

Delaware Scrapple done Three Ways on one plate ($10):

1. Scrapple Corndog with Syrup
2. Scrapple Hash with American Cheese
3. BST-Blackened Scrapple with Fried Tomato

!! Happy Hour all day on Inauguration Day !!

The Parkside will have the wall screen TV on for the Swearing-In Ceremony.

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