Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stage Schedule

Hamilton Stage: 5500 Harford                      DJ Stage by Sentient Lighting 5421- alley

12-Andy Belt and Friends                              11 - Chris Bulla  
1-Deletta Gillespie                                         12:15 - Ivan Marz
2-Hamiltone Music Group                              1:15 - Tzeech
3-The High and Lonesome                             2:15 - Proxxy & Lantern
4-Head of Power                                           3:15 - Jason Jinx
5-Puddle                                                       4:15 - Jay Shock vs Dj Amp
6-Flying Eyes                                                5:15 - 7:15 - Dj Dan

Gibbons Stage: 5400 Harford                         HBU Stage: 5535 Harford
12:30-Legends of Etcetera                              11-1 - Live Dj stage
1:30-My Useless Self                                      1-2  -  Michael Jackson Tribute
2:30-Breakfast Club                                        2-3  -  Old School
3:30-Harlan County Kings                               3-4  -  Devin, Genion, Tommy
4:30-The Beltways                                         4-5  -  Outside the Box Beatboxing
5:30-Dean Sapp & the Harford Express          5-6  -  Line Dancing
                                                                      6-6:45 - Blizzard, Drex, One Kemist

Friday, July 11, 2014

21st Hamilton Street Festival

Saturday, July 26th, 11-7pm

Still room for artisans!

Musician Schedule
Hamilton Stage:
12-Andy Belt and Friends
1-Deletta Gillespie
2-Hamiltone Music Group
3-The High and Lonesome
4-Head of Power
6-Flying Eyes

Gibbons Stage:
12:30-Legends of Etcetera
1:30-My Useless Self
2:30-Breakfast Club
3:30-Harlan County Kings
4:30-The Beltways
5:30-Dean Sapp and the Harford Express

DJ Stage by Sentient Lighting
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